Adrenal Defense (120 tablets)

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Adrenal Defense (120 tablets)

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Adrenal fatigue may be the most common result of today’s high stress lifestyles. It can rob you of your energy, challenge your immune system and rob you of your vitality.

Adrenal Defense™ is formulated to nourish and support your adrenal glands so you can regain your energy, keep your immune system strong , enjoy life with vigor and vitality! And help fight the negative effects that stress can have on your body.

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The Adrenal Glands
The adrenal glands assist a multitude of vital functions within our bodies. Each gland, located atop the kidneys, is a virtual production house of hormones that govern fundamental bodily processes. The health and proper function of your adrenal glands not only determines how effectively they carry out this hormonal balancing act, but also how you feel on a daily basis. The adrenals send out these chemical messengers (hormones) in response to various stimuli to regulate basic bodily functions.

Adrenal Function
One of the most commonly known functions that the adrenal glands regulate is our response to stress, or what may be better known as the “fight or flight” mechanism. The adrenals assist the body in all manners of stress response, from the simple to the life threatening. When the body perceives a stressful event, the adrenals release a particular group of hormones that bring about physiological changes that help our body cope with that stressful stimulus. These hormones cause the heart rate to increase, stimulate the release of nutrient reserves the body uses for energy, dilate the pupils for enhanced vision, and dilate the bronchioles for better breathing. All of these changes occur physiologically to allow us to adapt to and better manage stressful situations. Whether you’re running late for work, exercising, or avoiding a car accident, the adrenal glands help you perform at a heightened level.

What may be not as well known about the adrenals is the significant role they play in carbohydrate metabolism, blood glucose regulation and electrolyte (water-to-salt ratio) balance. Again, through the release of hormones from the adrenals, the body is able to metabolize carbohydrates and assist converting them into various forms of glucose (sugars). This glucose can then be used immediately by the body as an energy source, or stored away for later use. As for electrolytes, a balance is essential to maintain adequate hydration within the body for optimal muscle and nerve function.

How to Keep Your Adrenal Glands Healthy
Understanding the importance of the adrenals is the first step in learning how to take care of them. Some of the best health- related advice out there today starts with proper nutrition and plenty of regular exercise. This is no different for taking care of the adrenal glands. Eating a well balanced diet, a solid workout regimen and proper hydration all help the health of the adrenal glands. Having a stress management routine is also beneficial. Stress reducing behavior whether it be exercise, meditation, or knitting all lower the need for stress hormones to be produced by the adrenals; in turn allowing them to recharge.

It is important to take into account certain adrenal depleting activities that you can avoid to help support healthy adrenal function. Consumption of caffeine, tobacco products, and alcohol are believed to exhaust the adrenals. Also, diets high in fats, processed foods, fried foods, sodas, and excess sugars should be avoided, as they tend to put the adrenals through an unneeded workout. Considering the important job the adrenal glands have, it makes perfect sense to do all you can to help them stay healthy and operate properly.


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