All Naturale Liquid Cal/Mag (36oz)

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All Naturale Liquid Cal/Mag (36oz)

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Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Boron featured in a delicious strawberry creme flavor! Only 1 oz a day is recommended and the bottle is specially built for your convenience with an attachment to measure your doses.



Liquid Calcium has been known as vital for strong bones for ages! Unfortunately, Calcium is a difficult supplement for many people. Tablets are often weak, offered in poor forms (such as carbonate), or don't provide the necessary supporting minerals. Our Calcium contains the vital nutrients that the body needs to properly assimilate calcium along with a blend of the best forms of calcium. Ingredients Calcium, taken in proper forms and in adequate amounts can increase bone mineral density. It can also be a great contributor to restoring bone health and strength in the elderly. Vitamin D is necessary for optimal intestinal calcium absorption. Magnesium increases bone mineralization and may help support healthy bones throughout the aging process. Boron in recent studies, health professionals have come to the conclusion that boron can be an effective addition in the treatment of osteoperosis. Plus, it promotes healthy bone metabolism, efficient use of calcium & magnesium, and proper function of the endocrine system. Why Take Supplements in Liquid Form? The answer is simple. Liquid Supplements have an absorption rate that is up to 10 times higher than in pill form. Your body simply has a harder time digesting pills! This greater bio-availability translates into two things: One, you get more of the nutrient you need, so you benefit more...and two, you may also find that you will benefit faster.

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