MSM (120 Tablets)

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MSM (120 Tablets)

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MSM or “methylsulfonylmethane” is dietary sulfur. It is the fourth most prominent mineral in the body, yet is often times missing from our daily diet. That’s why it’s especially important to supplementation with.



MSM Benefits

Enhanced Metabolism and Energy
Sulfur plays an important role in enhancing the metabolism based on its effect on enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that control multiple life functions. One example being that they regulate all metabolic processes in our bodies. “Sulfur bridges” are responsible for the spatial structure of enzymes. Without “sulfur bridges”, enzymes would lack biological activity due to deviations in their spatial structure. Lack of proper levels of sulfur in the body causes reduced production of biologically active enzymes, which results in a decrease of many metabolic processes.

Sulfur plays a role in the electron transport system; the energy factories of the cell and ultimately the body. Furthermore, sulfur participates in converting carbohydrates into energy by enhancing the burning of glucose. Insulin is a hormone excreted by the pancreas that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Each insulin molecule consists of two amino acid chains, connected by “sulfur bridges”. Without these bridges, hormones lose biological activity and the metabolism slows.

Promotes Healthy Skin, Nails, Hair
Researchers now recognize MSM as the “beauty mineral”, for its involvement in the formation of hair, skin, nails and connective tissue. Nails and hair primarily consist of tough protein with high sulfur con- tent, called keratin. Elastic tissues like connective tissue and cartilage contain proteins with flexible sulfur bonds. Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body, and a major component of all connective tissue. In skin, collagen works with another protein called elastin, to give skin its elasticity. In cartilage, the sulfur forms with collagen to help give cartilage its structure and flexibility.

Antioxidant Qualities of MSM
MSM is a strong antioxidant, capable of binding and inactivating free radicals. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules with unpaired electrons that by force of nature attract electrons from their surrounding environment. The body uses antioxidants to bind and neutralize free radicals.

The overproduction of free radicals can be very destructive. They can begin a chain reaction that in time can cause harm to cell membranes and chromosomes. Overproduction of free radicals can come about through a multitude of factors such as stress, malnutrition, air pollution, heavy metals and contaminants in drinking water and food, radiation and cigarette smoke. Supplementing with antioxidants can support your body’s natural ability to counteract the potentially damaging effects of free radicals.

Roex® MSM with Added Vitamin C
Roex® MSM is enhanced with vitamin C (100 mg) to improve absorption and action within the body. Another great benefit of Roex® MSM is its availability in a powder form. The powder form allows for rapid assimilation into the body.


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