ProBiotics for Life (30 capsules)

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ProBiotics for Life (30 capsules)

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Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE® is a unique formulation of three friendly bacteria (Lactobacillus salivarius Ls-33, Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04, and Lastobacillus acidophilus La-14) to support optimal digestive health. Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE® brings the balance of friendly flora back to your colon.

-Powerful blend of 3 probiotics

-Promotes a healthy digestive system

-Supports healthy immune function

-60 billion CFU per capsule



Roex® Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE® is a powerful probiotic formula that is more potent (60 billion CFUs per capsule) than most probiotics on the market.

There are two kinds of bacteria: Good, “friendly” bacteria, and harmful bacteria.
Harmful bacteria are everywhere throughout your body. The food we eat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol are all factors that contribute to stress and the loss of your body’s good bacteria.

Maintaining the balance of good, friendly bacteria to the not so good kind is tricky and can be thrown off easily. Keeping the right balance of good bacteria is crucial to optimal health.

It has been widely understood that a healthy colon is the key to a healthy body, and therefore, it plays a major role in the quality of your life. The potential benefits of probiotic cultures are encouraging. They range from aiding in the digestion of lactose, vitamin K production, vitamin B absorption to overall good health.

With Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE®, you get the perfect blend of three exceptional probiotics scientifically shown to be beneficial to your health. Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE® is an easy, powerful way to reintroduce beneficial bacteria into your digestive tract. Just one capsule a day of Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE®, naturally maintains the body’s delicate balance of friendly bacteria, enhances immunity and helps maintain the body’s defenses.


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