Beta Sitosterol (120 tablets)

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Beta Sitosterol (120 tablets)

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Roex® Beta-Sitosterol is a scientifically engineered formula which contains 200 mg of Beta-Sitosterol, plus 200 mg of two other plant phytosterols (Campesterol and Stigmasterol) per serving. Men and women benefit from the effects that phytosterols have in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, males will receive enhanced prostate support with daily use of Roex® Beta-Sitosterol and Advanced Men's Formula®.



Plant phytosterols are plant compounds with chemical structures similar to those of cholesterol. All plants including vegetables, grains and seeds contain phytosterols. Plants with especially high sterol levels include rice bran, wheat germ and corn. Interestingly, phytosterols so closely resemble cholesterol that they can actually block food-based cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream.Products containing at least 400 mg per serving of phytosterols, when consumed twice a day with meals for a total intake of 800 mg per day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Cholesterol is an odorless soft waxy substance that the body needs in order to function normally. It is an integral component of cell membranes, and is needed for vitamin D production and the production of bile acids, which assist the body in its absorption of fat. Let's not forget that cholesterol is present in all parts of the body, including the brain, nervous system, muscles, skin, liver, intestines, heart, and skeleton, making cholesterol necessary in order to survive. The question is, just how much of it do we need to meet our bodily requirements?

Cholesterol travels through lipoproteins, which are produced in the liver and are responsible for carrying cholesterol through- out the body. Blood cholesterol carried in low-density lipoproteins (LDL) is transported from the liver to other parts of the body where it can be utilized. LDLs carry most of the cholesterol in the blood. This LDL cholesterol is often referred to as "bad cholesterol".

Blood cholesterol carried in high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) brings cholesterol back to the liver for processing or removal from the body. HDLs help remove cholesterol from the blood and are often referred to as "good cholesterol".

Beta-Sitosterol can help decrease the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive system and lessen the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver. Beta-Sitosterol decreases cholesterol absorption by locking itself to fat molecules, and by blocking fat molecule absorption in the intestines. Fats and cholesterol are then excreted, rather than retained in the body.

Did you know the liver makes cholesterol for hormonal purposes in its response to stress? In fact, the liver manufactures more cholesterol than the body typically absorbs from food. Beta-Sitosterol has been shown to support enzymatic cholesterol production in the liver. It also helps the body break down and metabolize cholesterol. Controlling body weight and cholesterol levels are key to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Roex®Livalon® is a perfect companion product since it helps to regulate metabolism and filter out toxins.

POOR DIETARY CHOICES WHICH LEAD TO HIGH LDL LEVELS: 1) Fried foods or foods which are high in animal fats - i.e. fatty meats, many dairy products, palm kernel oil, and hydrogenated foods.

2) Diets which include sugar, white bread and pasta - These simple carbohydrates are converted into bad cholesterol by the liver.


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