Magnesium Potassium (120 capsules)

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Magnesium Potassium (120 capsules)

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Why are Magnesium and Potassium so important for your health?

Magnesium is an essential mineral, needed for bone, protein and fatty acid formation. Magnesium also helps in making new cells, activating B vitamins, relaxing muscles and aids in the formation of ATP (the energy the body runs on). Magnesium has been shown to be a calcium channel blocker, which explains why it is effective for supporting healthy blood sugar levels and healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.

Potassium is a very important mineral, essential for both cellular and electrical functions. Potassium is responsible for maintaining water balance, alkaline environment in the body, healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range and neurological function. Potassium is also very important in cellular biochemical reactions and energy metabolism.



Magnesium and Potassium For Your Heart
Magnesium is vital for potassium uptake and maintains the health of nerve and muscle impulses, especially in the heart. Potassium acts as an important mineral for the heart by maintaining a regular heart rhythm. Both minerals have shown promising results in improving circulation and mediating proper muscle function in the heart. Research experts have studied the many benefits of magnesium and potassium in cardiovascular health.

Magnesium and Potassium Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels already within normal range
Magnesium and potassium play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism by influencing the release and activity of insulin, the hormone that helps regulate blood glucose levels. A study by the Department of Medicine in Hawaii found that magnesium and potassium could be used as nature’s tool to support healthy blood sugar.

Mineral Imbalance Linked to Fatigue and Tiredness
Diet, lifestyle, medication, and stress have left us with many nutrient deficiencies that affect the body in a negative matter. Magnesium is responsible for the production of ATP, the body's cellular energy, as well as protein synthesis and the formation of creatine phosphate. Creatine is found in muscle tissue and has shown to increase muscle mass, which is why supplementing with creatine has become so popular. Magnesium also helps alleviate muscle cramping after strenuous exercise.

Potassium is very important in cellular biochemical reactions and energy metabolism; it participates in the synthesis of protein from amino acids in the cell. Potassium also regulates the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes.

Roex® Magnesium Potassium Formula
Magnesium and Potassium are alkaline minerals, helping the body maintain a proper pH in order to maintain good health. Magnesium and potassium support the cardiovascular system, energy levels and bone structure. Roex® Magnesium Potassium is formulated with the most bioavailable ingredients for improved stamina and endurance.


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