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PC-95 (180 tablets)

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Age Defying, From the Inside Out

Anti-aging is about more than just looking and feeling young; it’s about being healthy and taking the extra measures to ensure that feeling. There are many factors that can undermine a person's health and lead to premature aging. Certainly some, such as lack of exercise, smoking and even stress are subject to a measure of personal direction. Other factors such as injuries and exposure to toxins can be harder to control. And for one of the biggest contributors, we have virtually no control at all. It's breathing.



Science has shown that with every breath we take, the process of oxidation and the production of dangerous free radicals moves inexorably forward. These negative influences on the inner workings of your body impair the function of your brain, immune and cardiovascular systems, muscles, cells and tissues. Because routine exposure to sunlight also causes the formation of free radicals, you face redoubled risks in the largest organ you have, your skin. Roex® PC-95® offers one way to slow and even reverse the process. The name stands for proanthocyanidin, a naturally occurring compound found in concentrated levels in plant barks, stems, leaves and skins. Proanthocyanidins are thought to be the most potent form of antioxidants available in nature. They may be 20 times more effective than vitamin E and 50 times more efficacious than vitamin C as antioxidants.

Grape seed extract is particularly high in proanthocyanidins. In fact, the most concentrated source of this bioflavonoid is found in the seeds and skins of white and green grapes. Our PC-95® is 95% pharmaceutical-grade grape seed extract. Here's more on how it can help you protect your health and turn back the aging process.

Safeguarding Whole-Body Health
The Cardiovascular System: The proanthocyanidins in red wine are thought to contribute to the "French Paradox," in countries such as France that have a relatively high-cholesterol cuisine, but markedly lower rates of cardiovascular disease. One 2007 study concluded that by inducing endogenous antioxidant enzymes, grape seed polyphenols may offer protection against cardiac cell apoptosis, or disintegration. This may help explain the cardio protective properties of grape seed extract. Likewise, in 2006, the scientific journal Nature printed research showing that grape compounds were able to break down anti-glycation end products that form as a result of high blood sugar levels. These AGEs have been shown to damage the delicate inner endothelial lining of the coronary arteries, a precursor to coronary disease and heart attacks. Eliminating them helps to safeguard the entire cardiovascular system.

Brain Function: Grape seed proanthocyanidins are among the few dietary antioxidants that effectively cross the blood-brain barrier. In 2004, University of Alabama researchers identified 13 brain proteins that were altered in amount and/or charge after test animals received supplementation with grape seed extract. The data suggests that grape seed extract is beneficial in maintaining the health of your brain. Similarly, a 2008 Mount Sinai School of Medicine study found that grape seed extract has beneficial effects on the brain.

Skin and Joints: Grape seed-based proanthocyanidins help stabilize and maintain collagen and elastin, the two principal proteins necessary to the formation of connective tissue. Proanthocyanidins were reported in one double-blind study to have beneficial results after face-lift surgery from 15.9 to 11.5 days, possibly because of their beneficial effects on blood vessels. By maintaining collagen and elastin, proanthocyanidins keep the skin vibrant and ameliorate the visual signs of aging.

The Eyes: Randomized trials have found that grape seed extract may be effective in maintaining the health of the eyes. Research currently is underway to determine its efficacy with poor night vision.

It's no coincidence that PC-95® was the flagship product at Roex. ® It's versatile and effective, as efficacious in supporting a youthful appearance. It's an essential tool in establishing and maintaining a balanced body, naturally.


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