Smart Mind (120 Tablets)

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Smart Mind (120 Tablets)

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Smart Mind™ promotes and enhances healthy brain function

As we age, cognitive function declines and memory fades.Among the factors that hasten the decline are diets that include alcohol and sugar, lack of exercise, stress and emotional turmoil.

Roex® Smart Mind® is a unique blend of nutrients that promote and enhance healthy brain function. This formula strengthens memory recall, concentration and overall cognitive ability. Smart Mind provides the specialized nutritional support needed to stay alert and mentally focused.



The Fight Against Cognitive Decline
Protecting the health of the brain and nerve cells (called neurons) is a key factor in the fight against cognitive decline. To function optimally, neurons need to be nurtured. They require abundant fuel and nutrients.

Lipids are fats located in the membranes of these neurons and are very vulnerable to oxidation damage from free radicals. Often, our diets are low in the antioxidant nutrients that protect cells against free radical damage.

Increasing acetylcholine levels to improve memory and cognitive function Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter of impulses between neurons. Memory related activities of the brain are affected by stress and decreased acetylcholine production. A deficiency of available acetylcholine may underlie the memory impairment associated with aging. Dietary supplements that increase the amount of acetylcholine levels are believed to improve memo- ry and cognitive function.

It’s no secret that getting older has an effect on memory. Many of us have noticed our cognitive functions decreasing. Blame it on our eating habits, our sedentary lifestyles, stress and emotional turmoil. With healthy cognitive function, several aspects of the body are affected: sleep, memory, mood, and coordination.

Smart Mind® and healthy cognitive function
The Roex® Smart Mind® formula contains the ingredient Nicotinamide, (also known as Niacinamide) which helps support the heart and cellular metabolism. Niacinamide supports the function of the blood brain barrier, which is a protective network of blood vessels and cells that filters blood flowing to the brain. It also has an affect on the dilation of the arteries which carry the blood flow from the brain throughout the whole body.

In these stressful times we live in, our emotions can be fragile. Add to that our on-the-go diets and our couches that may be a little too comfortable and you have the ingredients for a decline of cognitive ability. These days, more than ever, staying mentally sharp is a challenge. The time is now to give our bodies the proper support of nutrients needed to enhance and promote healthy brain function. The Smart Mind formula does just that. Its unique blend of nutrients is what strengthens memory, concentration and overall cognitive ability.


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